PTE 79+ Techniques

How to get 79+ in PTE exam?

Scoring 79+ seems to be a dream of every examinee that is planning to give the examination for the PTE these days, and why not – it maximizes your chances of getting the invitation from Australian Immigration for your PR and also for your dream University which you are planning for the higher studies.

In order to achieve the 79+ score in PTE, one should look into the recipe of “How to get the 79+ score for PTE?” Let’s dig dipper into the process and methodology of achieving the score that you are aiming in particular. There are numerous methods, tips, and tricks available online for achieving the target that any individual is aiming for, but the question is which to refer and which to reject. The answer to this relies on various points that we are going to discuss below.

The first point we should look into is:

Knowing the PTE Test Format

It is of prime importance that each and every PTE aspirant who is seeking the desired score of 79+ in the examination need to be aware of the exam pattern thoroughly and having a complete idea of the question pattern and its structure.

To score high grades in an exam, the first important key is to understand the exam format firsthand. Unless and until what all the exam covers, no candidate will be able to go well. Basically, the PTE exam has a question revolving around the grammar, essay writing, and translation sort of things.

“It is easier said than it is done”, rather than just reading the question pattern from Pearson official website, one must analyze the question prompt and know what is been asked and demanded from the examinee. There are various website and platform who are giving the vague idea about the examination question type, which you can refer. Knowing what is been asked at PTE and how to tackle that question, your quarter of the work is just done there only. Don’t forget to refer to PTE GURUS platform at and register yourself for the benefits of scored exams with evaluation.

In addition, you should be aware of how to use a USB based headphone for the listening section. Whenever you are planning to go for the exam, give yourself some time to understand the pattern and number of questions.

Before the test attempt, analyze where you stand. Upon detailed analysis, you will be able to recognize that all the modules are inter-dependent and need to be learned in co-existence of each other only. It will also help you to you understand which module needs more attention and which can be managed with little efforts.

Perfect Practice makes a man perfect

Regress practice is what assures you about the high score in the exam. As this exam tests both, conjectural and practical English knowledge of any candidate, practice is something which can’t be overlooked.

To improve your English speaking skills, one has to improve its listening skills first.  Exam related tasks like Re-tell lecture and Repeat sentences can be attempted well, only if the candidate has good English listening skills.

Also, for a score as high as 79+ in PTE exam, your pronunciation is to be correct as well. For this, we would suggest you repeat after the English movie dialogues. It is a fun and result-oriented way to improve both your listing and pronunciation skills.

Another module where students struggle big time is writing. In this section, the candidate has to write an essay on any random topic, suggested by the exam. To ace this skill, you need to polish your grammar and vocabulary as they are two major pillars of essay writing. Try to read one or two news articles daily. As the newspaper covers news of all sorts, it will definitely help you to refine your grammar and vocabulary.

Analyzing and knowing your weakness and strength:

After understanding the exam structure and the pattern, one must try to look out and analyze where one individual needs to work and how they can overcome that weakness by practicing smartly over it. In order to know the weakness the best way is to give the mock test with or without evaluation, where one will get the idea about the areas where they need to improve, such as sections like – Reading where they might require help on Multiple Choice Multiple Answer or the Reorder Paragraph in general; Listening – Summarize spoken text or Write from Dictation; Speaking – Describe Image or Repeat Sentence; Writing – completing the Essay task within 20 Minutes. Knowing where to improve makes our task much easier and we can channelize our efforts in the right direction.

Developing the methods to tackle each question types:

As said earlier, PTE is a computer-based examination, and it is evaluated by the computer algorithm. The examinee can boost their score by knowing little tweak and trick to attain the question types in a particular way. For e.g.  In write essay, to complete the task with 200 words within 20 minutes seems quite a tedious task, but if tackled with proper method and template, which you have practiced over and over again will make your job much easier then it look like. In the same way for Describe image, having just 25 seconds to prepare and then speak for 40 sec looks like and chaotic situation. But having well-formatted templates and strategy will win the battle for us quite effortlessly. So, do remember to fill your arsenal with the strategy which will help to get a 79+ score.

Get the proper preparation materials and guidance:

After preparing yourself with all the techniques and the hard work you put for the exam, it narrows down to two things; one to get best practice materials, and second the proper guidance and evaluation of your preparations. All the individuals who are preparing without the coaching should get the help from the third person to evaluate their level of preparation. There are several platforms available where you can seek the help and get the subscription of the online coaching or offline coaching. The other option is to opt for the mock test subscription with the expert evaluation. (Don’t forget to sign up at PTE GURUS platform where you will get repeated questions for free.).  A proper evaluation will help you to pluck the loopholes which you still have after putting up all the strategies (remember the efforts which we have mentioned above for the exam day).

PTE Mock tests are a great way to polish your English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. On one hand, you will be able to practice a lot and buff up your skills in the respective module.

On the other hand, they will help you to become aware of the real-time exam pattern. As mock tests are designed as per the real-time PTE exam pattern, it helps a candidate to do effective time-management.

No matter how detailed knowledge you have about the subject, when it comes to any competitive exam, the key to success lies in the time management. Mock tests are a great tool to achieve it. However, we would suggest you rely on only the practical PTE practice tests only. Majority of online PTE mock exams are no-close to reality and misguides you rather than helping you.

Managing Time effortlessly:

The prime important thing to keep in mind is the time management, which seems to the biggest nightmare of a student in the exam. In PTE navigation of one question to other question is really fast, where you will not have much time to think, unlike other exams. In order to complete the exam effortlessly without missing a single question, the trick is to practice harder and the management time. Again PTE GURUS comes to your savior in order to give you the real time exam experience with similar question pattern and the timing to make you pro for the examination days, so unnecessary surprises can be avoided during the last minute.

Once you are practicing your gained acquaintance with mock tests, it will very necessary to do continue assessment of them. Assessment helps you to find out where you are lacking and in which module you are performing well. By having an analysis of your expertise in various modules, you will be able to focus on your weak points and overcome from them.

So, gear up yourself with these PTE exam skills and score boasting 79+ scores in the PTE test. Good Luck!

Key Highlight to take away:

  1. Know the exam pattern very well before the exam day and prep yourself with all the confidence and the supply that you require for the final day.
  2. Analyze and highlight your weak points in order to achieve the 79+ score in PTE exam and try to optimize your performance by working really hard on that weakness.
  3. Developing a unique and effective technique in order to tackle each exam question and overcoming that hurdle for the score.
  4. Gathering and implementing the materials for the preparation. Additionally getting the help from the PTE expert and practicing with a scored mock test to check your level (Last minute savior PTE GURUS Platform).
  5. Time management for the exam day to avoid any last minute goof up and wasting our whole preparation of achieving the 79+ score in PTE exam.

Work hard and everything is possible through your positive thinking. So be positive and practice harder. To book PTE Exam online, PTE Voucher available at lowest price for India.

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