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Improve your Describe image score by just following these simple steps.

Describe image question type is the third prompt type in the real PTE exam, which test your ability of how well you describe the key points of the image in a short span of time. This question is the easiest part of the speaking section if you prepare well, and you are aware of the tips and tricks to tackle this question type. It allows 25 Seconds time to prepare and jot down the key points from the given image, and then once beep sound plays you have to start describing the image for 40 Seconds. It is quite chaotic if you are not very well prepared with the structure of describing the image properly.

In the exam, you will encounter with the different types of images such as

  1. Bar Graph
  2. Line graph
  3. Table
  4. Maps
  5. Pie chart
  6. Flowchart diagram
  7. Venn Diagram
  8. Pictures

Total six different images will be asked during the PTE academic exam. Let look into a template which you should follow blindly in order to improve your describe image score. But, firstly we will look into what PTE requires from the test takers. PTE evaluation algorithm will look into the sentence formation and paragraph formation. A description of any image or things is only completed when it has three ingredients. First, introductory statement; Second, key highlight point; Third, the conclusion. If you have included these three points while describing the image, then chances are really high that PTE algorithm will give you the better marks then the image described randomly.  Let’s look at the format which you should remember for the described image:

Introduction of the image(Bar Graph, Line Graph, Table or any image)

The given (type of image eg: Bar Graph) represent or shows or depicts….(Title and then the X-axis and Y-axis if it is a bar graph or line graph, or what the image is about)

Highlight the key points (The highest and the lowest. Or the trend of the graph or a chart)

Compare the highest and the lowest point or the quantity with each other.


Conclude the graph or image with the overall trend or the future trend by assuming from the graph. Don’t worry if you are assuming wrong then you will not lose the mark. It is just the algorithm requires the conclusion of the image.

Sample Answer



The given bar graph gives information about the destinations of holidaymaker from Indonesia to various countries such as Australia, Someland, Korea, Japan and so on. It is clearly visible that the highest number of tourist from Indonesia visited Someland, which are around 1000000 tourists. The least visited tourist destination place amongst all is Pakistan, where just around 300000 people visited there. Overall, Australia is the most favorite destination place amongst the visitors.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Avoid ‘umming’ and ‘urring’ while speaking. This will reduce your oral fluency and overall marks.
  2. Remember to avoid the grammatical mistake while forming the sentence.
  3. Prepare this structure and practice over and over again to speak automatically in this format. Remember our previous blog where we discuss the proper practice. Read that for more information on it.
  4. Practice the speaking in below format
    1. 10 Seconds for introduction
    2. 20 Seconds for highlighting key points
    3. 6 Seconds for conclusion
  5. Don’t try to speak for full 40 Seconds. Stop before the 36 Seconds, because if you will extend your speaking for 40 seconds then you might miss the conclusion and lose the marks.

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    • PTE GURUS Admin

      Hi Ruchika,
      Yes, we are providing scored mock test for the practice purpose. Along with it, we are providing the mock test evaluation report just like the Real exam from which you can assess your level for the exam.
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