PTE Academic Reading

The practice test will help you to understand the pattern of the Pearson’s PTE online will help you to get familiarize with the mechanism of time management and regular practice in the same real test environ


This will be part two, where your reading skills are too be tested. Reading exam test your ability to understand written English in an Academic Environment. This section contains 15-20 integrated but independent items to test your skills. The format is designed to test your ability to read, write and listen to provided information in English, the composition includes re-ordering paragraphs, multiple-choice, and fill in the blank. It is advisable to read the complete the instructions given on the screen before beginning. Be sure not extend word limit specified on the screen.


Required Skills for PTE Reading

Ability to distinguish main ideas from details.


Recognizing evidence in support of an opinion to claim or distinguish arguments.

Identifying paraphrases and re-structured sentences, having the same meaning as the main ideas and arguments.


Recognizing a summary by synthesizing topic sentences.

Understanding vocabulary in context, identifying correct word forms.


Pattern of Questions

Filling the blanks Filling the blanks

Text with several blanks will aper on the screen. Drag words from the box below the gaps to fill them. To test your ability to put correct grammatical words in the context. Word limit would be around 80 words.

Reading & Writing by Filling The Blanks Reading & Writing by Filling The Blanks

A text with several blanks will be displayed on the screen. You need to fill the gaps from a response list by choosing particular options. Analyse your ability to use contextual cues to identify missing words. Word limit 80 words.


Expert Tips to pass PTE Reading Section

Be fluent and coherent with your dialogs
Regular conversation will be useful
Rehearsal will boost your fluency and accent
Try to read fast and maintain intonation.