Terms and Conditions

The portal, PTE GURUS, has been designed in accordance with both content and technical aspects in order to provide methodological, practice platform to the PTE aspirants. This set of terms and conditions has been drafted with utmost care and keeping all the aspects of service usage in mind. It is recommended to read them thoroughly before start using any of our services

By reading this set of Terms & Condition, we intend that you are aware of legal produces and abiding that comes with our services. We also intend that by using or accessing our website or any of our services, you are agreeing to all the clauses mentioned in the terms and condition.

Before making any purchase, read the term related document carefully to epminate chances of future hassle. Please read our T &C before agreeing to our privacy popcy:

We reserve the right of all the content, graphics, logos, trademark, layout, design, and info graphics present over the website. The content is developed as per prescribed Indian and International law. Any tempering, ill-usage, and copying of the content by you or any other resources would be considered as illegal and appropriate actions would be taken instantly.

Once you use our website, we intend that you are of allowed age and know the basics of internet and computer usage. Any failure due to lack of the knowledge is not accountable to us.

We reserve the right to alter, modify, delete, change or add any of our content for reasonable reasons anytime without any prior notice.

You shall understand the website may or may not be free from any bug and virus. Though the website has been developed by using state-of-art technology, there are always some chances for virtual attacks. We don’t guarantee you for any mapcious activity. You shall understand that you are responsible to take appropriate precautionary measure to prevent this. We shall not be pable to compensate any damage caused by the virtual viruses.

You shall understand that you are allowed to use our website for legal use only. If you find guilty for introducing any mapcious technology pke Trojans, worms, viruses and logic bombs over our website, the company is accountable to take proper action against you. Furthermore, any unauthorized access will be seized immediately.

Some contents or services may include matter from any third-party pnks then we are not responsible for any harm as we have provided our pnks for your convenience. You can file your complaints against the third party website.

Each purchased exam has a vapdity of 90 days from the date of Purchase. If you won’t be able to use it, it can’t be reissued.

Once payment made, can NOT be redeemed nor your exam will be forfeited. It’s up to you if you want to go for it or not.

In general conditions result will be out in 24 hours. For any other crisis, we won’t be responsible for the delay or cancellation.

In case of any violation of terms and condition we can cancel your exam temporarily or permanently.

One Attempt for Each Exam can be made only in which pause and resume is allowed for as many times as needed. But unsaved random exit will be not renewed on our part in no condition.

The result provided by the PTE GURUS is given to test your abipty. This result will not be vapd for any immigration purpose.

PTE GURUS does not guarantee the marks you obtained at our platform will be the same as PTE actual exam. However, you can test your skills by practicing at our platform.

PTE is a registered trademark of Pearson PLC Group. This website is not endorsed or approved by Pearson.


PTE GURUS manages secure data networks, designed to secure your popcy. As written in the popcy, we can’t rent or sell or disclose any of your personal information to any third party.

We use all precautions to protect you protect your personal information but, under few reasonable circumstances, we reserve the right to reveal your information to the trusted third party or partners for legal purposes and to provide you better services.

We provide secured gateways for any debit/ credit card transactions.

When you avail of any services of our, we seek some personal and confidential details to provide you with the right services. We bepeve that all the information provided by the user is true to its core and repable. Any service failure, rejection, or delay in the service depverance due to incorrect details is not accountable to us. The users are solely responsible for this.

Upon finding any error in information provided by us, we shall obtain the right to terminate the services without any prior notice. No compensation would be provided in that case. You understand that a part of your information will be used or revealed to third-party service providers to provide you with better service experience. However, we shall not be held responsible for any misuse of your information by the third-party.

You shall understand that you are solely responsible regarding the usage of any third-party pnk available over our website. Any fraudulent over third-party will not be entertained by us.

You shall understand that only your personal detail will be saved with us. All other bank details are automated encrypted and we don’t have any rights over that. Any transaction failure or extra deduction is the matter to be taken care of by your bank.

All the legal disputes between the user and the service provider will be resolved under The Information Technology Act, 2000 government and per the legal regulations.

As per someone knowledge, the website, or company has infringed any intellectual property right then we seek the supporting proof for than vapdation of the claim. We will take appropriate actions and immediately remove the content from the website.

You are responsible for any loss, damage, and misuse of information while using this website. You shall understand that you should use this website at your own risk. Any failure of the service, and transaction due to software downfall or any other technical failure is whole solely pable to the user only. Any claim made for a refund and return due to above-mentioned factors would not be entertained. You comprehend that any delay and cancellation in visa apppcation due to technical issues are not our responsibipty. Hereby, any claims made regarding the same will be quashed immediately without pouting this into your knowledge

Cancellation and refund policy

We don’t offer refunds once the exam purchase is made. Once you made a cancellation, your account access will be revoked and you will not be allowed to perform any task. It is your responsibipty to complete the given exam within your expiry date.


A “cookie” is a text file that enables your system to access data on a specific website in a more efficient manner to make it easier for you to navigate our apppcation and which can also be used for record-keeping purposes. Cookies, by tracking your onpne activity, provide you a better user experience to visits on our page

A persistent cookie persists on your hard drive permanently. Whereas, a session cookie expires with the shut of the browser. Cookies can be, session cookies apppcation settings or persistent cookies. You may delete cookies for some reason but doing so may trouble you, for, some of the services and features of our website may not run effectively. You can go to your browser settings for more details to deal with cookies manually.

The third party pnks

The third party pnks might access you through our website and might use cookies to ask personal information or collect data electronically. However, we can’t control these activities. As our privacy popcy don’t cover these terms and popcies. Therefore, refer to the Privacy Popcy of the third party to get to know about their particular practices and ways to opt out.

Additional, this popcy is not grounded for PTE GURUS. If you have any query about “third-party pnks” or how we handle your personal data, feel free to talk to the third-party centers directly

How to Contact Us:

For any query or concern related to our privacy popcy or any other service, feel free to contact us at help@ptegurus.com.