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Our online PTE practice tests are there to lend a multi-facet preparation plan that helps you to be ‘au fait’ with the pattern of real-time PTE academic test. Designed after much of conviction, these preparations tests endow you with an opportunity to become familiar with the nitty-gritty of the PTE exam. It is updated every month with recently asked questions from various PTE centers across the world.

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PTE mock tests having four modules, Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. On the provided system, you will be allowed to use headset to listen, and microphone to respond.

Real test environment

The PTE practice test will help you to understand the pattern of the Pearson’s test, so PTE GURUS will help you to get familiarize with pattern.

Regular practice

To make you habitual of giving the exam in real-time experience.

Precise result

Our PTE expert will evaluate your PTE mock test with much precise evaluation with score card. You can also check the mock test sample answer after appearing the exam.

Experts’ advice

Your performance in exam will be examined by our PTE GURUS.

We offer high-quality, trustworthy support to all our users, and this is of prime importance. By letting you practice with real PTE exam format to enhance your skills and chances of achieving higher grade are what we look forward to.

All our services are to let your dream come true, your success is our only aim. We also offer free section wise PTE practice test to students.


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Knowing about the PTE Academic exam

PTE GURUS provides the PTE aspirants the opportunity to get minute details about the PTE exam before the exam day. Practicing with PTE mock test is more of the process of tuning oneself before the PTE academic exam. PTE practice test helps to rate your performance and get the score card within 24 hours of the exam.

PTE exam consist of four sections having individual question type covering in it.

Speaking Section

In PTE Test, speaking is the first section during the exam. It tests your ability to speak fluently with proper pronunciation and oral fluency. In PTE speaking there are 5 different question types which tests your skills of English.

Writing Section

The writing section comes second in the exam, having the individual time. PTE academic writing assesses your ability to write the English language in proper grammatical structure. It also evaluates your spelling and coherence.

Reading Section

PTE academic reading assesses your ability to understand the given content and responds to the question with correct answer. This also includes your level of skills to judge and give the correct answer for the paragraph.

Listening Section

This section comes at the last of the exam. Listening sections test your knowledge and listening skills. It consists of 8 sub question type like Summarize spoken text (SST), write from dictation (WFD).



The PTE mock tests provided by PTE GURUS is affordable for every pocket. Our aim behind this is to take dreams of many to reality. And to accomplish your dream, we tried our best to give you all that you need.


You can customise your package with scored and un scored PTE exams which you can find at exam panel after sign up.



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Lets here it from the students who were helped by our GURU’S platform.

  • PTE success story
    I was amazed at the real-time viability of the practice test. They were so near-to-perfect and matched the actual PTE exam that I never felt that I was giving it for the first time. Because of this only, I cleared my PTE exam in the first attempt.
    Parth, India
  • PTE 79+ success story
    The course material really helped me to polish my speaking, reading, and writing ability in the English language. The mentors have a pro-active approach towards students are always ready to clear the doubts.
    Ben Robson, Australia
  • PTE 90+ students
    PTE GURUS helped me to get admission in my dream university abroad. The practice tests very well-planned and the mentors guided us throughout the course. Thanks, PTE GURUS.
    Amanda Lee, Australia
  • PTE 90+ students
    I want to thank PTE gurus for the practice tests. I got overall 90 (S-90, W-90, L-90, R-86) in PTE. Although I felt the scoring is bit strict (I kept getting 70s even when I had correct answers sometimes, I think it was good in a way to keep me grounded and focused all the time. The 15 tests I took helped me not only get the "exam day feeling", but also understand the order of questions. Thanks again! Keep up the good work! Thanks, PTE GURUS.
    Jwala Cheriyan, UNITED STATES